Thirteen tasks that are on my to-do list...
  1. Make my daily quiet time with God my number one priority.
  2. Make my wonderful husband my number two priority, especially by supporting him more, being more cheerful and less worried/irritated when I'm upset or tired, and cooking him more healthful meals.
  3. Clean the bathroom.
  4. Organize and find photos. Also, print and frame photos for display at the Bear's Brew.
  5. Make pumpkin biscotti (and other goodies) for my church's Malaysia missions fundraiser on December 16th.
  6. Clean and organize my stuff around the apartment (i.e., my desk, my pile o' stuff in the bedroom, etc.).
  7. Write regularly, both fiction and poetry.
  8. Share my NaNoWriMo 2007 novel and begin accumulate feedback and consider how to approach revision.
  9. Finish the books I have started (at the moment I'm working on Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell: A Novel by Susanna Clarke and Miracles by C.S. Lewis, plus a few other random books of poetry).
  10. Continue the somewhat stagnated name change process.
  11. Gather the necessary supplies to make my own tea mixture.
  12. Put up Christmas lights in the apartment.
  13. Take the time to sit, heal well, and enjoy the season.

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