Pretty food is fun. And there is a true artistry to making food beautiful, an act that is quite bittersweet, and profound, even. It flabbergasts me, the effort some wonderful bakers and chefs put into make their food visually appealing when said food will be consumed and effectively destroyed. Today I was searching for gingerbread houses on Flickr, curious to see what the most elaborate and over-the-top creations are out there. What I found was the photostream of California Girl Confections, the maker of not only the most darling gingerbread houses ever, but also a food artist. Her cookies are amazing in their delicate detail, and they look quite delicious, too. Fill my stocking with her goodies for Christmas this year, please!

For the curious, I also found quite a few ridiculously fantastic gingerbread houses. (I also found this lovely watercolor by a user whose name is "snugglemuffin." I'm a sucker for the muffin love!)I want to live in them (and, perhaps, eat them from the inside out). There is something so appealing to me about gingerbread houses, despite the fact that I don't care much for gingerbread. The pounds of sugary icing covering these houses probably has something to do with my captivated interest. . . .

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