It's Thursday -- only five days until Christmas! But before we get to the celebration, another Thursday Thirteen (edition six this go around) is on the menu. I stole this week's theme from Paige (what a fun idea!). Enjoy!

Thirteen of my favorite smells...
  1. My husband's shaving cream.
  2. Vanilla.
  3. Gas stations, as smelled from inside the car while it's being fueled.
  4. My much-loved and long-deceased pet rats. (They smelled strangely sweet and lovely, belying most people's expectations, I would imagine.)
  5. Pumpkin, cinnamon, and any other "harvest spice" type of scents.
  6. Baking garlic bread.
  7. Any confections baking in the oven, especially cookies.
  8. East coast pizza parlors.
  9. The incense used in Catholic churches. (I don't know, it's very specific to the Catholic church for me. And I don't like all varieties of incense, either.)
  10. Evergreen trees.
  11. Horses and the places they are kept (i.e., barns, stables, pastures, etc.).
  12. The ocean.
  13. The pages of a book, new or old, as well as libraries and book shops.
(Header from Everybody Lies. Thank you!)

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