Welcome to She of the Wild, digital home of indie author, creativity coach + teacher, and artist Beth Morey.

I believe in the power of creativity, of making time to string words together and create art in media res -- in the middle of our beautiful, busy, messy lives. 

I believe in and write stories and poems that go deep, and support and encourage you to do the same in your flavor of making. 

I believe that the artists, the poets, the makers of all kinds are the prophets of our time and all times, taking the world's pulse and speaking the hard but necessary thing. 

I believe that art heals us. I believe that, as parents, creativity and time to ourselves are a lifeline to be indulged in often and without guilt.

I believe in the necessity of the moon, the dark night, and the stars as much as the flaming glory of the sun. I believe in our contradictions.

I believe in me and you, embodied souls howling spirit medicine and truth in harmonious cacophony. 

I believe in the power of our writing, of painting, of singing, of making. I believe that we are saving the world by being our authentic, creative, flawed, fantastic selves.

Do you dare step in?

Expect anything and everything.

Expect nothing and be free.

Expect yourself.

the books

Beth is an accomplished and prolific author, and has published numerous titles, the most recent and most notable being Night Cycles: Poetry for a Dark Night of the Soul. Check out all her books HERE.

the classes

Beth has over 10 years of experience as a professionally minded writer, including a degree in creative writing and a Master's in education. She offers online classes in writing and art. Check out the available courses HERE.

Soul Rising

The Art

Beth is the mixed media artist behind Epiphany Art Studio. She produces original paintings, fine art prints, and a few home decor items with the aim of telling a story, and of soothing the soul. Check out her work HERE.