Hi. I'm Elizabth Wilder. I write, paint, and dream in Montana.  I'm the author of Night Cycles and The Light Between Us and more, and am also the owner of Epiphany Art Studio.  My words and art have appeared in various publications, such as Somerset Studio, to linger on hot coals, Still Standing Magazine, Wild Goslings, and Disney's Family Fun.  In addition to my quirky little family and our three naughty dogs, I'm love with luscious color, moon-gazing, and dancing wild.  I'm glad you're here.

The Cred

Want to know what my official degrees, licenses, and other credentials are? Here you go:

  • B.A. in creative writing from Hamilton College

  • M.Ed. in education from Boston College

  • licensed fitness instructor with OULA Fitness + Body Hoops

  • widely published

  • worked for over 10 years in creative writing, freelancing + blogging

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The Long Version

Hi (again). I'm Elizabeth Wilder.

I think deep, in the crevices where most people are afraid to go. I break the conventions of what you're "supposed to" talk about. Someone once told me that there are two kinds of songs -- love songs and pirate songs. I listen to the pirate songs.

I am creative. I am authentic. I am emotional and awkward. I am healing. I am a writer. I am an artist. I am Beth, and I am (not) a problem.

I believe in trusting the process, without needing to plan it all out. I believe in women, reclaiming their true selves. I believe in hope. I believe in leaning into the wilderness. I believe in rainbows.

I believe in showing up, even imperfectly. Especially imperfectly.

I love my husband, my children, and the soul-seekers of the world. I don't have it all together. I am learning how not to apologize. I am learning, instead, to roar.

I have a BA in creative writing and a Master's in elementary education. I'm the founder of the Made art e-course and the author of a number of books, including Night Cycles and The Light Between Us, with many more writing credits in other publications. I was selected as one of BlogHer's Voices of the Year for 2014.

I created my first painting in a high school art history class -- a still life of apples. It was fun! I didn't touch art again for many years, but the seed was planted. And it has grown into my very own art shop.

You can read my words in such publications as To Linger On Hot Coals*, a poetry anthology, The Phoenix Soul, an inspiring online magazine, and in Still Standing Magazine, a site for surviving babyloss, as well as many more. You can buy my original art and prints at EpiphanyArt Studio. I'm working on a few delicious new projects. Do stay tuned.

For now, please, make yourself at home. You don't have to pretend here. If you're having a hard day, you are welcome to just soak in my words and be wherever you are. Go wherever you need to go.

If you like it here, I would be honored for you to sign up to receive my newsletter.  I love to party on Instagram and Periscope, and I tweet over here. Also, I'd love it if you'd like me on Facebook.

I love letters. And you are welcome to email me at beth(at)sheofthewild(dot)com to share any thoughts or questions you have. And, if my art or my words have impacted you, I am beyond grateful, and would love to hear how.

Thanks for stopping by. You are most welcome here. 

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